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Introduction to APM

Our application performance monitoring (APM) provides a unified monitoring service for all your apps and microservices. Monitor everything from the hundreds of dependencies of a modern stack down to simple web-transaction times and throughput of an app. Keep track of your app's health in real-time by monitoring your metrics, events, logs, and transactions (MELT) through pre-built and custom dashboards.

Our APM service provides the flexibility to monitor the exact things you need from your app by automatically instrumenting your code when you install one of our agents.

  • Is your early-access software still slightly unstable? Proactively monitor and solve those errors before they affect your users with errors inbox.
  • What if your users always comment on how speedy your web app is and you want to quantify that feedback? Measure their satisfaction by monitoring your Apdex at a glance.
  • Need somewhere to store your logs? Our agents automatically ingest them.
  • What if your modern stack has dozens or even hundreds of dependencies to keep track of? Easily track them with automap and external services.

Want to save time with a single unified monitoring solution? Click a logo to get started with APM. It takes just a few minutes!

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Java agent
.NET agent
Node.js agent
PHP agent
Python agent
Ruby agent

View the status of all your services at a glance with APM.

How it all works

New Relic instruments your application at a code level through the use of one of our many language agents. These agents gather metrics from your application and send them to New Relic APM so you can monitor your app through pre-built dashboards.

Install APM

Get started with APM in just a few short steps:

  1. Sign up for a New Relic account.
  2. Install the language agent for your app:

Now all you need to do is generate some traffic to your applicaton and log into your account. You should start seeing data flow in within a few minutes!

If data does not appear after waiting a few minutes, follow the troubleshooting tips for your APM agent.

Want to first estimate costs before using APM? See our cost estimate resource.

How to use your data

Monitor the basic health of your app the second New Relic receives data from your app. You will see basic dashboards on the APM Summary page in the New Relic UI which you can use to quickly understand how your app is performning without any customization.

Use the Explorer to access and observe the full stack of your software, including your apps, see performance data and alerting status at a glance, and check relationships. We provide you with a simple yet powerful visual tool to monitor all your entities, that is, anything we can identify that reports data. In the New Relic ecosystem, entities include basic components like applications, hosts, containers, or database services, but it can also refer to custom groupings of such elements. You can also create your own entities.

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